Wednesday 2.13.19


15 Minutes to Work to a Heavy 3RM
*Re-Set Each Rep, But Keep Hands on Bar. FLAT BACK IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LOAD. 

Open 17.5 - 10 Rounds for Time

9 Thrusters (43kg/29kg)
35 Double Unders 

3 Sets 

1 Minute/Side Achilles stretch on Box
10/Side Controlled Kettlebell or Dumbbell High Pulls

Above and Beyond (Extras for Open Gym if You Feel So Inclined)



ODD: Ski 10/7 Calories 
EVEN: 15 Lateral Box Jump Overs (24"/20")


10 Sets for Quality 

5-8 Strict Toes to Bar 
Max Unbroken Strict Pull Ups 

Olympic Weightlifting

3 X 3 

Power Clean + Hang Power Clean @ 70%
*Use Weight Established on Monday for Percentage 

Chelsea JungComment