Tuesday 2.26.19


Overhead Squat 

For Time 

Run 1 Mile

Straight Into....

Row 500m for Time 

Above and Beyond

10 Minutes Just Moving 

10/7 Calories on Either a Bike or Rower 
20 GHD Sit Ups 
20 GHD Hip Extensions 


70% of Average Max Calories From Last Week
*Take total calories you got last week, divide by 10 then multiply by 0.7 to give you total calories to do every minute.
**Same as last week, but do you feel different? Easier, harder? How has your lifestyle effected 
this change? 

3 Steady Rounds 

30 Seconds L-Sit (Scale Up On Rings)
3 Rounds 
10 Second Top of Ring Dip Hold + 3 Ring Dips 
Rest as Needed Between Rounds 

3 X 2 

Snatch Balance 
*Add 10#/5# From Last Week 

Chelsea JungComment