February Announcements

Want to know what's next for The Lab?

Attend our Town Hall Meeting 
Saturday 1/9 at 2pm**

**If the snow is as crazy as the weather people are predicting, then we will reschedule the meeting.  We will post any changes to the meeting on social media and send via email.


The Gym will be open this weekend, even if snowpocalyse happens!  
Please only come if you can do so safely.


We are sad to announce that Emily and Cade will be leaving our coaching staff.  Rory will also be taking a diminished role at the gym, as he chases after some new career goals. These three have brought a lot of value to our team and we wish them all the best in their new ventures.  Be on the lookout for a celebration for these folks sometime after the Open.


The CrossFit Open 
Starts February 21st!!!  

This is a fun community event that will allow us to have a big ol' party every Friday night for 5 weeks. 

How it works: Thursday at 5pm CrossFit Headquarters announces a workout for that week.  We as a gym will use that as our Friday WOD.  We will split our classes into two heats and each person will get an opportunity to judge and be judged on the workout.  There is no pressure to perform a certain way or get a certain score, this is just an opportunity to cheer each other on and have fun.

Be on the lookout: More details to come about the totally kickass plans that we are developing to make Friday Night Lights a party for those working out, and those who just want to hang out and cheer others on.


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Stay Safe!

Love, The Lab Staff

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