Thursday 3.14.19

3 Sets 

100' Farmers Carry (HEAVY, but Unbroken)
10 Single Leg Romanian Dead Lifts, Each Leg (Moderate) 


400m Run 
2 Rope Climbs 

Above & Beyond

3 Sets

10 Philly Presses, Each Arm (Moderate/Heavy)
1 Minute Banded Ankle Stretch, Each Leg


15 Burpees 
* This is the final week of the burpee EMOM. 
* *If you can do 15 burpees EMOM for 20 MIN you have great cardio but also great muscle endurance and stamina. 

3 Rounds for Quality 

Max Unbroken Strict Hand Stand Push Ups
Bike Until Recovered and Ready to Attempt Again 
*Building on last week. Goal is to beat Strict Hand Stand Push Up score. 

In 20 Minutes

Work to a Heavy Push Jerk using Blocks

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