Wednesday 4.3.19


Max Unbroken Strict Ring Dips 


Double Kettlebell Front Squats (70#/53#)
Bar Muscle Up 
*If athlete completes round of 1 before time expires, start round of 5 again.

Above & Beyond

Cool Down

5 Minutes 

1 Minute/Arm Saddle Legs with Archer Arms
2 Minute/Leg Dragon


2 Rounds

1 Arm Overhead Carry x 50 Meters/Arm
Rest at least 2 minutes. 

* Start with a moderate weight and increase in round 2 if capable.


Establish a 100 Meter Max 

1 Arm Overhead Carry Each Arm

2 x 8 Each Arm

1 Arm Waiters Squat 
* Moderate weight with 3 count pause at bottom, increase the weight on each set if possible.
* Your last set of 8 should be difficult (4 sets total).

2 x 60M each arm

1 Arm Farmer Carry: 
* Moderate weight after each set of 1 Arm Waiters Squat (4 sets total) 


For Distance (Row, Bike, or Ski)

1 Minute On 
30 Second Off 
1 Minute On
2 Minute Off 

*Goal is to hit exact same meters on each 1 minute run. 
*Perform 1 burpee at end of 10 rounds for each meter you are off on the runs.


3 Sets 

Max Unbroken Push Ups
25 Hip Extensions 
10 Scap Pull Ups 
*Controlled reps.
8 Strict Toes to Bar

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