Monday 4.15.19

"Tax Day"

4 Rounds 
15 Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean Thrusters (50#/35#)
19 Strict Pull Ups 

Above and Beyond

Cool Down

4 Minutes

2 Minutes Saddle Legs 
1 Minute/Arm Archer While in Saddle Legs


Box Step Ups

3 x 8/Leg While Holding Two Light Kettlbells or Dumbbells

Increase to heavy weight by the last set. 
The box height should be above your knee. 
You can scale down if needed, but still aim to challenge yourself.

3 Rounds

8/Arm Single Arm Shoulder Press at 100% 10 Rep Max
Rest 1 Minute

2 Rounds

100 Meters/Arm Single Arm Farmer Carry at Moderate Weight 
5 Barbell Rollouts
12 Good Mornings at Light Weight 



3 Rounds For Time 
2 Minutes @ >1:49/ >2:05
100 Air Squats in Under 1:30

*If you cannot hold the paces above, shoot for a pace that feels tough, but you can sustain each round. 


3 Sets 

20 Single Arm Dumbbell Alternating Seated Press
*10 Each Arm (heavier than last week) 
30 Second L-Sit on Parallettes
20/Arm Dumbbell Bent Over Rows at Moderate Weight

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