Thursday 4.25.19

For Time 

70 Strict Ring Dips 

Rest as needed, but no longer than 5 minutes then…

For Time 

100 Burpees 

Above & Beyond

Cool Down

1 Minute Supine Twist/Leg 
2 Minute Frog 


For Time 

1 Mile Sled Push (Moderate Weight)
*Should be able to go 100m without stopping.


Assault Bike 

20 x 30 Seconds / 30 Seconds Easy
*Ride twenty 30 second all-out sprints with 30 seconds of easy pedaling in between. 


2 Sets 

Max L-hang
*Feet above hip.
20 Dumbbell Front & Lat Raise 
*Same weight as last week. 

Chelsea JungComment