Saturday 4.6.19

Front Squat 

*Find a weight you can do a max set of 15 reps - 12 reps - 9 reps UNBROKEN
**Score is total weight lifted across the three sets.

Above & Beyond

Cool Down

6 minutes 

2 Minute/Leg, Lizard
1 Minute/Arm, Eagle Arms with Saddle Legs


2 Rounds

Barbell Overhead Hold 
*30 seconds at 50-65% of your 1 rep max strict press.
**Rest 60 seconds between rounds.

Rest at least 2 minutes. 


Barbell Overhead Hold

*In less than 5 minutes, accumulate 2 minutes overhead with 100% of your 1 rep max strict press.


3 Rounds

8 Single Leg Deadlifts/Leg using Barbell 

*Moderate weight, increase the weight on each set if possible. Perform all reps with a slower down/faster up tempo. 
**Your last set of 8 should be difficult (6 sets total).

20 Seconds

Hollow Body Hold (6 sets total).


For Time 

1,000M Swim  
5K Run 
10 Mile Bike 


3 Rounds 

Max Unbroken Ring Push Up 
1 Minute/Side Plank
20/Arm Single Arm Dumbbell Row
*Moderate to Heavy, but unbroken.
10 Scap Pull ups

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