Monday 4.8.19

4 Rounds

2 Minutes Max Rope Climbs 
2 Minutes Max Calorie Row 
2 Minutes Max Burpee Box Get Overs (At Chest Height) 

Above and Beyond

4 Minutes 

1 Minute/Arm Eagle with Saddle Legs
1 Minute Seal or Sphinx 
1 Minute Sumo Squat Hold 

Lateral Box Step Ups

3 x 12/Leg, Unweighted
Set a target to step on that is as high as possible without discomfort or extreme deviance from technique  

3 Rounds

6/Leg Eccentric Ankle Dorsiflexion
*Standing on a box, do a calf raise with one leg, then slowly lower heel down to below the box under control
**You should feel a stretch in the achilies and calf at the bottom

1 Arm Shoulder Press

6 per arm at 100% 10 Rep Max
Rest 1 minute

3 Rounds 

Run 200m HARD, Easy Until 2 Minute Mark 
Run 200m FAST, Easy Until 2 Minute Mark 
Run 200m FASTER, Easy Until 2 Minute Mark 
Run 200m SPRINT, Easy Until 2 Minute Mark 

3 Sets 

10/Arm Single Arm Dumbbell Alternating Seated Press
30 Second L-Hang
10 Strict Pull Ups 

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