Saturday 4.13.19

For Becky Conzelman
Survived by her Husband Jim, her two children Kylie and Tyler, and her parents Mike and Bev.

2 Rounds 

25 Handstand Push Ups
20 Dumbbells Deadlifts (50#/35#)
15 Overhead Squats (135#/95#) ** NO DROPPING! **
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24"/20")
800M Run 

Above & Beyond

Cool Down

6 Minutes 

1 Minute/Arm Archer Arms, Saddle Legs
1 Minute/Leg Twisted Lizard
1 Minute/Side Supine Twist


3 Rounds

1 Arm Overhead Carry X 50 Meters/Arm
* Rest at least 1 minute between rounds.

3 Rounds

8 Reps/Side Single Leg Deadlifts
*Using Barbell @ Moderate Weight
*Increase the weight on each set if possible.
*Perform all reps with a slower down/faster up tempo. 
*Your last set of 8 should be difficult. 

30 Second Hollow Body Hold
* After each set of Single Leg Deadlifts (6 sets total).



ODD: 15/12 Cal Bike 
EVEN: 12/10 Cal Ski


3 Rounds 

Max Unbroken Plyo Push Ups (to chest) 
1 Minute/Side Side Plank
20/Arm Single Arm Dumbbell Row
*Moderate to heavy, but unbroken
10 Scap Pull Ups

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