Saturday 5.18.19

TEAMS of 3 

For Time 

400M Farmers Walk (70#/53#)

Max Calorie Row 

Max Rounds & Reps 

100 Double Unders 
20 Toes to Bar

*The athlete farmers walking is setting the pace for the other two athletes. 
*Each athlete will farmers walk, row, and do the double under & T2B workout once.
*Athletes going from row to double under workout will start at the double unders, not where
the last athlete left off. 

Above & Beyond

Cool Down

With your team accumulate:

300 Push Ups 
*Non-working partners hold a plank. 
*If someone comes down from plank, all must stop until back in plank.


Back Squat 

8 X 3 @ 62.5%

*Focus on speed.

3 Rounds

5 Depth Drop (20"/14")
25 GHD Hip Extension 
*Rest 30 seconds between rounds.


Assault Bike 

Every 3 Minutes X 30 Minutes (20/14 Calories)
*No pacing!


6 X 10 GHD Sit Up 

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