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She walks into the concert hall ready to put herself out there.  As an up and coming print artist, she knows that if she can get her artwork into the hands of her favorite musician Betty Who, she might just get the big opportunity for exposure that she knows she deserves.  At the very least, she has to try.  She doesn’t care if other people look at her funny or if her artwork is rejected.  Waiting for just the right moment in the concert, she throws her hands in the air with a giant drawing of Betty’s dog, hoping that Betty will accept the gift.  Her friends cheer and shout and yell for Betty to look over.  They continue to cheer their dear friend on, while she hands the drawing to Betty with courage.  Betty accepts the gift with a big “thank you” and it becomes a part of the stage decor.  Betty even posts about it on her instagram later that night.  Her friends high-five her as their mission had been accomplished.

Will this artist get her big shot from this brave act?  The end of the story has yet to play out.  But what I do know, is that more than any big outcome, the process of getting this piece of artwork to Betty is worth more than anything.  

When are you going to chase after your big dream?

Let’s put ourselves out there.  Don’t wait!  Let’s not leisurely stroll towards our dreams, but rather sprint after them with reckless abandon.  Who cares what other people think?!  Take it from someone who has “failed” in the eyes of the world over and over and over again…. When we take that risk, the outcome almost doesn’t even matter.  Perceived failure just becomes another way to grow and learn.  Risk-taking is vulnerable, but really so is everything in life worth doing.

Let’s include others in the process.  Friends who cheer us on and support us are priceless.  Loyal friends who jump into the arena with us can become the lifeblood through which we chase our dreams, whether we succeed or not.  We can celebrate together, cry together, and share in the mundane parts of life together.  Be that friend to others and find folks who will cheer you on, even when “failure” is at stake.


Doodle by @taranelsonarts

Doodle by @taranelsonarts

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