Is CrossFit For You?

The truth is, I don’t know.

Not the answer you were looking for, huh?  Well I can only speak from my experience, so how about I start there.

CrossFit has met me at many different points in my life.  

  • AS A RECOVERING SELF-CRITIQUE, it has met me on my most negative of days by giving me confidence in what my body can do, rather than focusing on the never perfect image I see in the mirror.

  • AS A TRANSPLANT TO THE BIG CITY, CrossFit has become my family away from home.  I have met the coolest people, have developed a mutual support crew, learned how to be in community, and developed contacts in a wide variety of specialties.

  • AS A NEW WEIGHTLIFTER, it has taught me proper mechanics, slowly introduced intensity, and has helped me gain a body awareness that I never thought would be possible.  I am proud to be able to go to Costco and carry the bag of dog food from the back of the store to the front of the store, through check-out, and to my car without a cart, leaving an often shocked check-out clerk.

  • AS A COMPETITOR, it has given me an outlet for my competitive spirit.  It has taught me how to be competitive with myself and my own abilities, instead of simply feeling the need to win every single race.  It has taught me how to cheer on my competitors with a true desire for them to do their best too.

  • AS A FEMALE, it has given me mindset to brave the world with confidence.  I have learned how to do things for myself, without relying on other people to do them for me.  My husband now hands ME the pickle jar to open.

  • AS SOMEONE WHO IS CLUMSY, it allowed me to continue working out when I dropped a log on my foot and was non-weight bearing for a few months.  The coaches that I worked with were experts at changing the workouts to fit my needs.

  • AS SOMEONE WHO HATED TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE, it has given me wings to fly.  My new found, and hard earned mental toughness has changed my life.  I know that I can overcome any obstacle that comes my way.

Through a wide variety of life experiences In my nearly 10 years of CrossFit experience… I have never once been bored.  I have found absolute life-changing value in the lessons that I have learned through the support and encouragement of others.  

I do not know if CrossFit is right for you.  What I do know is that every single person who walks through our doors will be welcomed regardless of your life stage.  If you find yourself interested, take the next step.  I’ve never once heard someone say they regretted giving it a try.


Chelsea JungComment