Saturday 5.25.19


ODD: 10 Alternating Dumbbell Squat Snatches (50#/35#)
EVEN: 10 Box Jumps (30"/24") 

Above and Beyond

Cool Down

Row or Bike 10 Minutes at Easy Pace 

3 Rounds for Quality Not Time 

10/Leg Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (Light) 
10 Controlled Ring Rows 
5/Side Half Kneeling Single Arm Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press (Light) 


8 X 3 Back Squat 

@ 65% (Speed Focus)

3 X 5 Dumbbell Box Jump 

*Hold DBs off to your side and jump on a box with proper landing form (knees with toes, absorbing lanidng)
*Pick a height and weight that are challenging, but no bustedshins. If you can go heavier than two weeks ago, go for it or maybe higher. 


Assault Bike 

Every 3 Minutes X 30 Minutes 
20/14 Calories 
* No Pacing! 


7 X 10 GHD Sit up 

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