Tuesday 5.28.19

5 Rounds 

2 Minutes Max Calorie Bike 
30 Seconds Left Side Plank 
30 Seconds Right Side Plank 
1 Minute Forearm Plank 
2 Minutes Max Calorie Row 

*Score is Total Calories 

Above and Beyond

Cool Down

8 Minutes

2 Minutes/Leg Couch Stretch
2 Minute/Leg Pigeon


Seated Box Jump 

5 Minutes Working Up to a High, but Not Maximal Height 

3 X 3 Hang Power Clean 

*Work to a technically perfect load and hold for all 3 sets 

Back Squat 

Work to a Heavy Single Above 90% of Your 1RM
5 X 3 @ 80% 

3 X 10/Leg Double Kettlebell Front Rack Step Ups

*Challenging weight, but should not have to use opposite foot. 


7 X 500m Run 

Rest / Walk 500m Between


Accumulate 2:30 False Grip Hang 

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