Thursday 5.9.19


For Time:
Run 800M
5 Rope Climbs (15')
Run 400M
20 Man Makers (50s/35s)
Run 400M
40 Pull Ups
Run 800M

Above & Beyond

Cool Down

2 Minutes/Leg Couch Stretch
2 Minutes Reverse Grip Hang from Pull Up Bar 


Sled Push 

20 Minutes @ Bodyweight 
*This should be a steady grind. 
**Adjust weight as needed to keep rest periods no longer than 10-15 seconds


2 Rounds 

On Assault Runner -
1 Mile Run
Walk 200M for Rest 
800M Run
Walk 200M for Rest 
400M Run
Walk 200M for Rest 
*Goal is to hold the SAME pace for the mile, 800, and 400. 
**This should be a sustained effort that you feel you could hold for another round if asked to do so. 


7 X 3 Strict Ring Dip 

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