What does Tiltshift mean to us?

In photography, tiltshift means to change the orientation of a lens to focus on one aspect of the photo. By using this effect, the photographer can manipulate the image to emphasize whatever their artistic version of that image envisions. This effect is frequently used to turn a miniature set into an image that appears life-size to the viewer.

In daily life, the lens that we look through defines how we interact with the world. Perspective permeates. When we look for the negatives, all we can see is sadness and darkness and deficiency. By constantly seeing the negatives, our outlook continues to spiral down the path of negativity, thus creating a self-perpetuating cycle.

Positivity can do the same thing. When we start to look for the positives in our world, we start to see them. And when we keep looking we will see more and more. And soon, even when we experience the hard parts of life, our natural inclination is to look for the good in the situation.

For most of us, positivity is a learned skill. It is a skill that we practice. We often fall back to old habits when things get tough, but we choose to be resilient. We choose to get back up. And the more times that we choose to get back up, the more natural it will become.

We choose our outlooks on life.

Tiltshift means to us that we will choose to focus on the right thing at the right time, even when it gets tough. We will always try to look for the positives in a situation and we know we have each other to help us find it when we get caught up in the spiral. And when we look for it, we will find our focus.

Chelsea JungComment