Saturday 6.14.19

TEAM of 3 

400M Run Together 
50 Dumbbell Thrusters (50#/35#)
*One partner hangs from pull up bar.
400M Run Together 
50 Strict Pull Ups 
*One partner holds push up position.
400M Run Together 
50 Devils Press
*One partner holds bottom of squat.
400M Run Together 

*Break up reps however you'd like.

Above & Beyond

Cool Down

2 Minute/Leg Couch Stretch
2 Minute Supinated Grip Hang 


Establish a 1RM Squat Clean 


Track Workout 

2 x 800M
3 x 300M
2 x 600M
3 x 200M
2 x 400M
*90 seconds rest between reps & 3 Minute rest between sets.

800M pace range = 1:40-1:41/400M
300M pace = 1:25/400M
600M pace range = 1:40-1:41/400M
200M pace = 1:25/400M
400M pace range = 1:40-1:41/400M


Max Air Squats in 60 seconds 
*Be sure you're getting depth!

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