Thursday Thoughts: What does RX mean to us? 


  • Given the highest level athlete in our setting, this is the intended stimulus (heavy, light, high skill, low skill, slow, fast, etc)


  • Let’s push just a little outside of our comfort zone to accomplish something new


  • If I don’t do this weight / skill, then I’m not a good athlete

  • My self-worth is directly correlated to completing this workout in this manner

  • I won’t get a good workout in if I don’t do this weight / skill

  • I should change my range of motion or sacrifice technique in order to complete this WOD as written

  • Nothing else matters except that I do it RX

  • The days that I’m at the top of the leaderboard I am somehow superior to others

  • My score is more important than my health

  • It doesn’t matter if I reach the intended stimulus as long as I get the RX

  • My ego needs the RX so I must make it happy

Sometimes we should go lighter, go heavier, make the skill more complicated, make the skill simpler, change the time domain or rep scheme, do it as written, etc.  This will depend on what the intended stimulus is and where we are at that day in our • mindset • recovery • skill level • nutrition • hydration • health • strength • and the list goes on.  One size does not fit all, although every workout can be customized to meet each person where they are at today.

Everybody has an ego. Some of us struggle with it daily, while some of us have learned how to take it off, while still some of us are not self-aware enough to even recognize it. Egos don’t help us progress but always hold us back. Whether you do the WOD at an RX+, RX, or Scaled level for the day, your self-worth remains the same. We think you’re pretty great. So let’s take our egos off for the hour and just get our sweat on.

Love, Chelsea

Chelsea JungComment