Friday 6.7.19

Join us on Sunday to cheer on the runners of the Rock N Roll Marathon!


ODD: 10 Ring Dips 
EVEN: 10/7 Calorie Assault Bike Sprint 

Above & Beyond

Cool Down

1 Minute Child’s Pose with Shoulder Variation 
2 Minutes/Leg Couch Stretch


Strict Press 6 X 3 

*Same challenging weight across all sets.

Snatch 3 X 3 

*Do not go above 60% & focus on form to set ourselves up for next week snatch test. 
**Drop and reset after each rep.

Dumbbell Bent Over Row 3 X 8-12/Arm

*Same challenging weight across all sets.


40 Minute Aerobic Row
*HR +- 5 beats from 180 - age


4 Rounds 

Row 500M
20 Push Ups 
30 Air Squats 
Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds 

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