Thursday Thoughts

I think that sometimes my clients think I’m a bit of a stickler about hitting full squat depth during workouts.  Yes, I like rules and standards that keep the playing field even.  And yes, I think that how we do anything is how we’ll do everything… so if we’re holding ourselves to a movement standard even when it gets tough, we are learning valuable lessons about character.  And although I could write a whole blog post about either one of those two items (and I probably will in the future) it’s more than just that.  

I want my friends to live a life of self-empowerment well into their later years.  I want us to be able to get down onto the floor to play with that cute puppy or adorable grandchild AND get ourselves back up.  I want us to be able to pick up our keys when we drop them on the floor WITHOUT wondering if we’ll get stuck.  And I just know that we all want to be able to get ourselves on AND off the toilet.  

My independence is important to me.  I want to know that I can safely be alone without needing to rely on others to monitor my safety.  Because, if I fall…. How in the heck will I get myself back up?  It is nearly impossible to find a way to get off of the floor that doesn’t require ROM and strength below parallel.  If we don’t have the mobility to get ourselves in a position to get back up, much less have the strength to stand up, how will we ever feel safe being alone again?  And gosh darn it, I’m clumsy and fall all the time, so I think I’ll work on repetitive squatting so that I can know that I will always have the strength to stand up.

Chelsea JungComment