Tuesday 7.30.19

"The Sword in the Stone"

Strict Pull Up
Bent Over Barbell Row (135#/95#)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (135#/95#)

Above & Beyond

Cool Down

1 Minute/Arm Thread the Needle
2 Minutes Child’s Pose with Shoulder Variation
1 Minute/Arm Saddle Legs with Eagle Arms


A) 4 X 25 Back Squats

*@ 55%
*2 Minute Rest Between Sets

B) 2 x 20 RNT Reverse Lunges (10/Leg)

*Weight if needed.
*Complete 10 on one leg, then switch and do 10 on the other.
*30 Seconds Rest Between Sets

C) 2 X 10 Single Leg Box Step Up with 2 Kettlebells in Front Rack (5/Leg)

*1 Minute Rest Between Sets

D) 2 X 20 Single Leg Kettlebell or Dumbbell Romanian Dead Lifts (10/Leg)

*1 Minute Rest Between Sets


5K Row


Max Unbroken Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Chelsea JungComment