Saturday 8.10.19

Establish a 10 Rep Max Squat Clean


Find a Set of Max Unbroken Strict Pull Ups

Above & Beyond

Cool Down

2 Minutes/Leg Couch Stretch
2 Minutes Puppy Dog
2 Minutes/Leg Pigeon


3 Rounds

10 Barbell Curls
20’ Seated Hand Over Hand Sled Pull
*Palm facing up towards ceiling.

*Rest 1 minute between sets
*No rest from barbell curls to sled pull

3 Rounds

10 Close Grip Bench
10/Arm Kneeling Dumbbell Kickbacks

*Rest 1 minute between sets
*No rest between movements


5 X 250M Ski Erg

* 1 minute rest at benchmark pace (or as close as possible).
* All intervals should stay fairly consistent.


3 sets

25 Horizontal Ring Rows
12/Arm Seated Z Presses
23 Strict Push Ups
* Rest 2 minutes between sets


Crossover Symmetry - Iron Scap

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